HTC One Aero Concept is a Remade HTC One A9 in the Vision of Designer Hass. T

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It appears many people are unhappy with the design of the HTC One A9, including designer Hass. T, who shares his vision of a new approach for this device. He calls his design the HTC One Aero and you can check it out below.

HTC One Aero concept 1

He’s following up on the core of the HTC One M9 design and this model is meant to resemble the HTCs from the past and still get all the cool features that users require. The design language of past and present HTCs are here, so one can consider this a blend of the HTC One M7, One M8, M8S and M9 Plus. We’ve got long speaker grills at the top and bottom and the front camera is placed in a way that reminds us of the HTC One M7.

HTC One Aero concept 2

Somehow the fingerprint scanner/Home button got even bigger for some reason and the screen is an AMOLED like the one offered on the HTC One A9. The main camera brings optical image stabilization and there’s also a secondary cam at the back for depth capture. Android Marshmallow is still preinstalled and there’s an USB Type C connector at the bottom with quick charging.

Champagne gold on silver and gunmetal grey on gold are the color choices here. What do you think? Better than the HTC One A9?

HTC One Aero concept 3

HTC One Aero concept 5

HTC One Aero concept 6

HTC One Aero concept 7

[via Hass. T]

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