New Microsoft Surface Phone Rendered by Loris Lukas, Seems Based on the Continuum Idea

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Swiss designer Loris Lukas has created a new Surface Phone concept, one that seems to be based on the idea that a phone can be the centerpiece of an ecosystem and replace a PC easily. The handset seems inspired a bit by the Zune, if you ask me and it has slightly sloped edges.

Surface Phone concept october 2015 1

Its design format also feels a bit like the first generations of Microsoft Surface slates. The Surface brand unites phones, tablets and laptops under the same wing, with Windows 10 as their core. The design of the Surface Phone is quite unique, with a Home button discretely integrated into the bottom, a small camera button on the side and a camera with a brand new type of flash below it.

Surface Phone concept october 2015 2

The OS experience has also changed, with a slide left to view the notification center, a slide down for a task view and a slide right for Action Center. The home button is physical and touch sensitive, although to me it looks like a virtual button. You can learn more about the concept from the Behance page of the project, that also shows the way of switching from phone to tablet or desktop mode in Continuum mode.

Surface Phone concept october 2015 3

Surface Phone concept october 2015 4

[via Behance]

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