Apple’s Tablet Gets a few Could-be Names, Speculations

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A tipster has shown us a very interesting article, speculating on the names of the upcoming Apple Tablet. Although people have been Googling “iTablet” like crazy, the statistics and Apple branding history shows that a name like iSlate is more likely.


It should be notice that usually Apple brands its products with a name starting with the “i” prefix, followed by a single syllable. Thus, the best guesses would  be iPad or iTab, although the first is too similar to the iPod and would cause confusion. iSlate and iSlab are also good ideas, as well as iSheet, but this one was very comical implications once you pronounce it.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that Apple Tablet gets a name like MacBook Touch, iBook Tablet, iMac Tablet and other such branding involving the MacBook series. How would you name Apple’s tablet?

[Thanks Jerry for the tip]