Ben Geskin Renders 2022 iPhone With Seamless Camera Integration

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Leave it to Ben Geskin to surprise us with a phone generation of 2022, freshly rendered here. We’re dealing with an iPhone this time, one that finally has its back camera well disguised in the case and also a totally edge to edge screen.

We’ve heard rumors that an edge to edge iPhone would come in 2021, but it may actually take longer. Designer Ben Geskin sees this as a 2022 machine. Jony Ive has been talking about it for a few years now. Seen from the front, this futuristic iPhone is all display, with the bezels being barely visible. Obviously we’re going to have the earpiece, Face ID and potential fingerprint scanner hidden below the screen panel or integrated within it.

At the back we find a quad camera setup, with pretty much the same sensors as the 2021 or 2020 generation probably, plus an extra ToF one. The integration of the camera either involves a special coat of paint to hide the camera bulk, or more compact photo sensors. I feel that Apple could pull this off now, if it really wanted to. 5G is obviously a given and probably also an USB Type-C port.

However, don’t be surprised if this is a portless and buttonless affair, since I can’t see any buttons here.

[via Ben Geskin]

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