Transparent Screen iPhone is Soooo Different

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It’s been a while since an iPhone concept strayed away from the norm, since all of them sport the same square and triple camera setup. ConceptsiPhone proposes something different today, through a transparent screen iPhone. Let’s check it out.

I have to admit I’ve seen transparent phones before and I happen to think that they can be quite distracting. Seeing what’s behind the phone may distract you from the actual viewing space. Also, this all feels like an older concept, since there’s still a Home button with a fingerprint scanner. There are no bezels on the sides, it’s all glass and slim glass for that matter.

Jony Ive claimed at some point that he wants a slab of glass to be a phone one day, sans borders. I also see that the Apple logo lights up on the Home button and there’s a dual back camera placed above the back side of the screen. Basically the screen goes all the way from the front to the sides and the back. It feels very much like the leaked Vivo NEX 3 glass panel leaked recently and showing a screen that continues to display content and UX on the sides.

I’m getting 2016 or 2017 vibes here and I feel this can be refined further…

[via ConceptsiPhone]

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