Major Vivo NEX 3 Leak Shows 100% Screen To Body Ratio

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Today is all about leaks, not renders, not concepts. We’ve just come across a tweet from Ice Universe, a reliable source of phone leaks and saw that the 100% screen to body ratio dream is finally realized. Meet the Vivo NEX 3 panel…

This is supposed to be the screen glass of the Vivo NEX 3 and it’s almost 90 degree curved. It’s basically glass that goes all around the device, sans notch, sans bezels, nothing. It’s just glass forming the outline of the phone and it’s all symmetrical. Not sure if all this space is meant to actually show the interface, or some of it just part of the design.

Hopefully, it’s also resilient, since it will be inevitable to hit it on surfaces, like doors, walls, the odd knob. I suppose all the cameras will have to be cut into it, or maybe placed in other areas of the device. They could also lift up from the top with a pop up mechanism, I suppose. Button integration will be a pain, unless they’re virtual or capacitive.

There’s much to explore and to speculate on here.

[via Ice Universe]

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