Budget iPhone 9 Rendered With 6.1 inch Screen

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The “cheap iPhone 6.1 inch model” keeps appearing in leaks for this year’s iPhone trio, ever since analyst Ming-Chi Kuo first mentioned it. It’s most likely going to end up as the iPhone 9 and it has just received a render from Phone Designer, in partnership with nieuwemobiel.nl. Let’s check it out.

The device is a bit larger than the iPhone X, that’s for sure and it comes with a single back camera, plus an aluminum frame, in lieu of stainless steel. The back side is still covered with glass and wireless charging is still on the table. Fast charging may also come as a default option with the bundled charger. I’ll remind you that Apple is rumored to be launching 3 new iPhones in the fall, a 5.8 inch model, a 6.1 inch model and a 6.5 incher.

All of them will have the new fangled hexa core Apple A12 CPU and 4 GB of RAM as the minimum quantity. By the way, the iPhone 9 here goes with an IPS LCD panel, while the iPhone X Plus and the iPhone X 2 will have OLEDs. The Home button is still gone and the notch is still present. There’s a small part of me that feels this could actually end up as the iPhone SE 2, but I can’t guarantee it.

In order for the iPhone 9 to be a hit, it would have to be priced at $400 or so, but Apple will probably sell it for $499…

[via Phone Designer/ nieuewmobiel]

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