New “Chubby” iPhone Uses Fingerprint Swiping for Control

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With all of the recent iPhone 5 rumors, Apple fans forgot to check out the speculations about a tinier iPhone, the nano version. Well, now comes this concept to remind us all that such a device could actually exist We’re dealing here with a shortened iPhone 4 that got a very interesting way of input.

This device is designed by Zeki Ozek, who proposes a shorter iPhone with the ability to swipe the user’s finger for background apps. Also, fingerprints work for NFC payments and purchases in the app store. This model looks quite a bit like the iPhone 4, except for the fattie profile. Don’t expect any of these features on the iPhone 5, but maybe on the iPhone 6… who knows?!

This would make a really fine iPhone nano, or maybe a new media player from the iPod Touch series, but one with NFC support as extra.

[via Yanko Design]