Glance Skinny Handset Fits Into Any Pants

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Having a problem with your bulky smartphone and tight jeans? This is where the Glance skinny handset comes into play, a concept created by designer Alan Gerardo Farias. We’re dealing with a 4 inch OLED screen phone, with a display that’s scratch resistant.

This is an extremely slim dual display phone, with dual speakers, mini USB port, a bottom 2 inch OLED display for notifications and a front and back camera with flash. The reason why this unit is called “Glance”? Well, in the moment you hold the handset in your pocket, only the smaller 2 inch screen can be seen, so you can have a glance at it, to see the missed calls, texts, twitter mentions and whatnot.

One can only guess the thickness of this model, but I’m supposing it’s below the 7mm speculated for the iPhone 5. The only question here is the material and the component types, since it would take serious nanotech to produce something so skinny…

[via Yanko Design]