Curved Edge iPhone 7 is a Sign of Things to Come

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Like it or not, Samsung has defined the future with the Galaxy S6 Edge. And quite a few companies are said to go in the same direction. If rumors are real, then the next BlackBerry and Lumia flagships will have slightly curved screens toward the edges. And why shouldn’t Apple also adopt that with the iPhone 7?

iphone 7 curved edge screen concept 1

They will be sneaky about it and let time pass, maybe let Samsung change its design and then reinvent the curved screen. Let’s be honest: the Galaxy S6 Edge curved edge is useless, but beautiful. I can live without contact and app shortcuts on the sides of my screen. But the beauty of that supercar-looking body is stunning. Even when the iPhone 6 was launched I said that I didn’t like the back, with the protruding camera and ugly plastic antenna lines.

iphone 7 curved edge screen concept 2

I digress… back to the concept at hand, this iPhone 7 model was envisioned by Kyle Hatfield, from the UK. It’s an iPhone with curved screen edges, a non reflective display and “bendy” screen, as the designer claims. The cameras are minuscule now and the Home button is also much smaller. Everything seems to have been moved, in order to leave more room for the screen… Would this work?

iphone 7 curved edge screen concept 4

[via Behance]

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