iPhone Classik is a Return to Classic iPhone 4 Styling

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There are still quite a few people who feel nostalgia over the iPhone 4 and its format, so it’s no surprise that this design is coming back, at least as a concept. Imanbek Taalaybekov has created the iPhone Classik, that’s pictured below.

iPhone classik concept

Seeing how today’s designs have evolved, it makes us think that the older designs may be obsolete… or classics. I have to admit that this concept is a bit thick and bulky and have to say that it would make a better iPhone 6c model than anything else. The return to a glass back would be fit, since everyone seemed to like it on the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

The glass manufacturing technologies have evolved from the few years that have passed from the making of the iPhone 4, so resilience is guaranteed. I’m very curious why more designers aren’t experimenting with glass at the back of the iPhones. One thing is clear: plastic antenna lines must go!

[via Imanbek Taalaybekov]

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