Curved/Labs Presents: iPhone X Plus and iPhone XS (Video)

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We’ve heard both the idea of an iPhone X Plus and also the idea of a smaller iPhone X, maybe with some iPhone SE influences. Well, a combo of those two comes today, courtesy of the very inspired designers from Curved/Labs. Let’s check it out.

So, basically, the iPhone X Plus is a bigger iPhone X, that takes the diagonal up a notch and hopefully gets rid of a bit of the camera bulk. The idea is that the iPhone X isn’t enough for Apple to compete with the Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9 in the future. That’s why we’ll see a 6.3 incher next year, perhaps with some Apple Pencil action. The Face ID mechanism remains in place and I’m expecting extra RAM and a new CPU of course.

The overall design feels like the one of the iPhone X, so nothing fundamentally new here. Sadly this also means we have a stainless steel frame, which I’m not a big fan of, because it feels and looks like plastic. The back is still covered with glass, hopefully more resilient.

The small iPhone XS is sexy as hell and it’s what I imagine the iPhone 9 will look like. The big band around the edges is a throwback to the iPhone 5 age, but I’m not sure it has a place in the modern word. Also I find it interesting that there’s a dual back camera with a horizontal orientation. The body seems to adopt an unibody metal design, with that glass window for the camera.

If the ideal diagonal is met we could see a hit here, maybe something like a small device with iPhone 8 specs. If I were to pick which model is more likely, it’s clearly the big one.

[via Curved Labs]

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