David Chapman Renders Seriously Badass White iPhone Pro

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We’ve pretty much settled on the idea that there will be a single iPhone 8 and maybe some iPhone 7s units. There’s no longer the theory of an iPhone Pro, with a Smart Connector at the back, although that name just popped up in the render below. Unlike 99% of all iPhone 8 concepts, it comes in clear white.

The creation of designer David Chapman, this iPhone Pro may well serve as a bezel-free iPhone 8. It feels like a classier and slimmer iPhone 7, to be honest. Unlike other previous renders, this designer chose metal for the whole machine, not glass. The glass would be important in order to implement a wireless charging mechanism of sorts. The latest rumors even mention a combo of glass and metal.

I’m digging what the designer did upfront, including a panel with curved corners. There’s a clear LG G6 vibe here, perhaps with even narrower bezels. The fingerprint scanner is embedded into the lower portion of the front panel and everything feels smooth and clean. The gold model is also pretty good looking, but if I had to pick, I’d say this is closer to an iPhone 7s than to an iPhone 8.

Still, it would take a special kind of glass to put at the back of this phone to make it special enough for Apple…

[via David Chapman]

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