What’s the Deal With iPhone 8’s Function Area Concepts?

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These days everybody is talking about the way Apple is going to integrate the iPhone 8 fingerprint scanner. Some say it’s going to be placed at the back, while others expect to see it within the front panel. As usual a designer has some answers.

His name is Benjamin Geskin and he’s created quite a few iPhone 8 concepts lately. This time he made a series of renders for iDropNews and you can check them out here. Benjamin seems pretty convinced that Apple will dedicate a full panel to contextual interaction in the bottom portion of the iPhone 8 facade. This means that the 5.8 inch panel will offer a 5.15 inch actual screen area, while the rest is meant for “function area” purposes.

This feels a bit like the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro and it will display music controls, call/end call buttons and of course let you interact with the fingerprint scanner. Some may say that it would be a secondary screen, a pretty criticized feature on the HTC U Ultra and even on LG’s V10 and V20. It certainly makes more sense than spoiling the back side and the logo placement with a back fingerprint scanner.

However, it would make more sense to offer us a large screen and the option to press wherever on the screen to authenticate. Or Apple could even ditch the whole thing and go with an iris scanner. However, with a bezelless screen approach, the function area wouldn’t make you feel you’re missing screen estate. In the end a solid idea, but Apple probably won’t do it.

[via 9to5mac/ iDropNews]

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