Fourth Gen Apple TV Rendered With Touchscreen Remote Included

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German publication imagined the way the Apple TV fourth gen is going to look like and also included a touch experience in the mix. This product involves a revamped remote control, that’s basically a touch device, able to recharge wirelessly via Apple TV.

Apple TV Touch 1

Of course, an iPhone could still work as a remote, but the device would also have a dedicated accessory of this kind. There will also be a separate App Store for the Apple TV. The new Apple TV is available in grey, gold and silver, it supports 4K videos and has a HDMI 2.0 port. The new model will be much faster thanks to the Apple A7 chip and other tech specs included WiFi, Bluetooth, DVD Audio, SADC, Dolby Digital Plus and True HD.

Apple TV Touch 2

The remote parte is very interesting and it’s basically like an older gen iPhone, that has been elongated and made narrower. It seems to be covered in glass and has a typical Apple Home button. Netflix is also supported on it and we’ve got a battery indicator and time at the top, like on the iPhones. Fancy this?

Apple TV Touch 3

Apple TV Touch 4

Apple TV Touch 5

Apple TV touch 6


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