HTC HD8 Rendered, Will it Ever Exist?

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The concept of a new HTC device with Windows Phone 8 doesn’t seem far fetched, but can it actually compete with Nokia’s offering? It would have to be a powerful device, with a big screen and some stand out features.

htc hd 8 concept

The model you see here is a render sent to us by ABX Inferno. It’s not the best concept I’ve seen, especially since it takes a lot of cues from the HTC HD7 and feels bland in nowadays’ competitive design world. We can still speculate on the specs.. I’m guessing it would have a 5 inch display, perhaps even more, with a Full HD resolution, as well as 2 GB of RAM and Snapdragon 800 CPU.

The aim would be to deliver the HTC One experience in a different design package, to differentiate it from the Android offering. BoomSound would be kept, as well as some of the Zoe features, perhaps available as Lenses this time. I’d also see an Ultrapixel camera at the back, but not a dual one, since that would be reserved for the One 2014.

[Thanks ABX Inferno]

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