Future iPhone Envisioned by Concept Creator, Looking Hot (Video)

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I remember that back in January when @OnLeaks published the first square camera renders of the iPhone 11, Apple fans went crazy. They didn’t like it one bit and considered the Huawei Mate 20 Pro copycat a blasphemy. Today we get an alternative in the form of a render created by Concept Creator.

This is not supposed to be the iPhone 11 or 12, just a “future iPhone”. I can see there’s a lot of metal being used here and that the camera area hasn’t switched to the square module. We have a vertical camera with multiple sensors at the back, plus a 120 Hz Pure Retina Display. The phone has no buttons, no ports, no distractions. 6G antenna technology has been integrated and the selfie camera is cut in the screen.

The back camera is a triple one with a 12 MP shooter with variable aperture, 16 MP super wide angle camera and a 12 MP Liquid Lens camera for excellent focus speed. What’s a Liquid Lens? As far as I know it’s a lens that changes its curvature when electric current is applied to it. That would provide fantastic focus speed. The designer even mentions 6K video capture here, which is not far fetched, since the Nubia Red Magic 3 already films in 8K.

The camera “band’ design feels a bit old school and some people may not dig it. However, seeing the specs of the camera, I imagine it’s pretty badass in photo and video taking. Also a pretty smooth design for this iPhone, the kind you’d see on a OnePlus phone of the future. Not bad at all! Probably 2021 material.

[via Concept Creator]

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