How to Pre-Order iPhone 13 before Launch: Tips and Tricks to get it First

Have you ever wondered how to purchase the newest iPhone before anyone else? Well, if so, then you are in luck! 

Apple is known, or should we say, infamous for creating even more hype around their devices through limited pre-orders. If you can get your hands on the newest iPhone before anyone else, congratulations! You have become an elite member of Apple’s most loyal fans. Here are some tips and tricks about pre-ordering the newest iPhone before release day:

  • Make Good use of the Apple Store App

Did you know that you can pre-order iPhone 13 through the Apple Store app? Well, if not, then get to downloading! This will be one of your best sources when it comes to being able to pre-order the newest iPhone before anyone else. 

To Pre-order your phone on the Apple Store app, simply login to your account and go to configure your notifications so you’re alerted when the iPhone 13 is launched. There you have the option to select how you would like to be notified! 

Once you are notified of availability through the app, go directly into an Apple retail store. When the newest iPhone is available for purchase, they will ask if you have already ordered it. If not, then it’s the time!

  • Use the Apple Website

Apple has done a really great job at making sure you can pre-order your iPhone 13 through their website! So if you are not one for using the Apple Store app, don’t worry! You have other options. 

To pre-order from the Apple website, simply login to your account and go to “notify me” again. Then select how you would like to be notified of availability and continue. Once notified, Pre-order the new iPhone in a retail store just as before.

  • Select and add what you want to your Favorites

Another great way to pre-order the newest iPhone before launch day is by adding what you want to your Favorites. The Apple store offers the ability to save certain products you are interested in buying, so you can easily access them later. 

If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing, then go ahead and select “Add to Favorites” or your shopping basket. Then it’s as easy as following the steps that were outlined above! You will then be notified when they become available for purchase.

  • Pre-Order Your Phone at a Third Party Retailer

So this one is less than ideal, but you can still pre-order your phone at other retailers. If you know someone or have a friend that works for another retailer such as Best Buy, then it’s worth asking them to check for you! 

If not, it would be recommendable to go into the local mall and check with all of the mobile carriers there. Although they may not be able to get you the newest iPhone before anyone else, they will definitely be able to take care of your pre-orders first come, first serve!

Alternatively, you can also take advantage from AT&T or Verizon. If you’re an existing or new AT&T subscribe on an active unlimited plan, you can get the iPhone 13 on installments with up to $1000 off. For Verizon subscribers, you can get your hand on the iPhone 13 series phone depending on the unlimited plans that you’re on. Be sure to check the applicable terms and conditions at AT&T and Verizon, to see if you qualify for the deals.

  • Pre-Order Online

Ok, so there are also websites that have worked out deals with Apple so they can let you know the minute the newest iPhone is available for purchase online. These special deals also include being able to purchase them without any kind of pre-authorization hold. If this sounds like something that would interest you, then go ahead and bookmark these websites now! They may not be up right away, but once they are, it’s time to order your device!

  • Have your Payment and Shipping Details Updated

One tip for pre-ordering the newest iPhone before the release date is ensuring your payment and shipping details are up to date. Some websites we’ve mentioned here and most specifically, the Apple website will require you to have this information readily available, so take a minute or two and update it now. If you wait until the day of release and try and buy it, then there’s a chance your order may not go through!

  • Make use of Apple Pay

When you are pre-ordering the newest iPhone, then the chances are that Apple Pay will be an option. If not, prepare to provide any credit card or debit card information required by the retailer you order it from. Either way, go ahead and set this up as early as possible! It may save you some time to get your phone set up so you can enjoy it sooner rather than later!

  • Leave it to Chance

If all of those options seem like too much for you, then just wait it out! When the new iPhone comes out, retailers will start selling as soon as midnight hits. 

So you may want to ensure that you have really fast internet speeds so that you can check your email and/or Apple website as soon as the notification is sent. That way, pre-ordering becomes a lot less stressful and more exciting! Now get your hands on the newest iPhone before anyone else!

Safety Tips when Pre-Ordering iPhone 13 Online

Even though pre-ordering the newest iPhone before launch is pretty much set in stone now, there are some extra safety tips that you should know about! If you follow these steps, you will be less likely to encounter any issues when the time comes.

  • Make sure it’s Apple

Make sure that whatever site or retailer you pre-order from is Apple-approved. This way, you can rest assured that your device isn’t fake and everything goes as planned. There has been an increase in counterfeit Apple products being sold, so it’s very important to stay vigilant during this period of high demand for new iPhones.

  • Watch out for Scams

If you order online, make sure the website looks like the real deal; if not, then chances are it might be a scam. Apple has an official website that you can use to purchase their products. If it looks suspicious, then the chances are that’s because it is! Make sure the shopping experience on the site you go to seems legitimate in every way; otherwise, then there might be something shifty going on!

  • Use a Credit Card

If you have ordered from Apple in the past, you can use your same account to pre-order the newest iPhones. If not, then using a credit card for this purchase will ensure that if there are any issues or problems with your order, it will be able to get taken care of much easier!

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of options to try when pre-ordering the iPhone 13before launch. Hopefully, by following the tips outlined above, you will be able to get your hands on this new shiny smartphone before anyone else! It’s going to be a crazy time, but if you go into it with a plan in mind, then you shouldn’t have a problem. Now, get out there and pre-order the latest model iPhone!

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