How to Unlock iPhone without Passcode or Face ID [Top 5 Ways]

“I have forgotten the password of my iPhone 12 because it has not been used for a long time. As the Face ID of the device does not work properly, what should I do to unlock my iPhone  without a passcode or face ID?”

The lock screen passcode is the first barrier to access your mobile device, and if you forget your iPhone passcode, it means you can no longer access your iPhone. if this happens to you, don’t worry, this article will guide you through five ways to unlock your iPhone without a passcode or face ID, and list their pros and cons to make it easier for you to choose the right way.

Since iPhone has reliable and strict data protection measures, there is no conventional technical means on the solution to retain data while unlocking a disabled iPhone, so please sync your iPhone backup before you start.

Way 1: Unlock iPhone without passcode or face ID with iPhone unlock tool

In case you forget your iPhone passcode, the smartest way to unlock your iPhone safely and quickly is to use the iPhone unlock tool.  iSunshare iPhone Password Genius is a professional iPhone unlock tool that can easily unlock iphone without passcode or face ID . Some of the key features of the software include:

* Unlock iPhone quickly without a passcode or face ID

* Delete Apple ID from iPhone without password

* Bypass screen time password with no data loss

In order to unlock your iPhone without passcode or face ID smoothly, first you need to install  iSunshare iPhone Password Genius and the latest version of iTunes on your computer, then connect the  iPhone 12 to your PC with a USB cable.

Step 1: On the main interface, you can see that iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius has many function modules that users can choose according to their needs.If you forget your iPhone password, please select the “Unlock Lock Screen” option.


Step 2: After clicking “Next“, your iPhone will be automatically detected by the software.


You need to select the save path for the firmware package and click “Download” to download it. It will take some time to download and verify the firmware.


Step 3: Click “Unlock” to start the process. Make sure your iPhone is always connected to the computer during this process.


Wait a few minutes for the iPhone to be unlocked successfully.


Pros: The software can unlock iPhone quickly without passcode or face ID in one click

Cons: It only supports windows computers.

Way 2: Unlock iPhone without passcode or face ID with iTunes

If you have backed up your iPhone with iTunes on your computer, then you can try to unlock your iPhone without a passcode or face ID with iTunes.

Step 1: You need to turn off your iPhone, connect it to your computer with a USB cable, and then run iTunes on your computer.

Step 2: If you use this computer to back up your iPhone data, iTunes will automatically recognize your iPhone.

Step 3: Click “Summary” > select “Restore Backup” > confirm “Restore iPhone“. Wait some time to remove your device data including the iPhone passcode.


Pros: The software is developed by Apple and it is free.

Cons:  During the setup process, it is possible that the interface will prompt you to enter your screen passcode.

Way 3: Unlock iPhone without passcode or face ID with iCloud

If you are prompted to enter your screen passcode when you delete your iPhone passcode with iTunes, or you are unable to connect with iTunes, you can try to unlock your locked iPhone using iCloud. iCloud’s “Find My iPhone” feature allows you to remotely delete the passcode on your iPhone.


Step 1: Go to the iCloud website on your computer, sign in with your Apple ID and password, and make sure your iPhone device is connected to the Internet.

Step 2: In the main menu, select Find My iPhone > All Devices and select Locked iPhone Devices > Erase iPhone.


Step 3: After iPhone is erased, it will be successfully unlocked and you can access it without passcode and face ID.

Pros: You can easily erase the passcode of your iPhone with just your Apple ID and passcode.

Cons: This method only works if iPhone has “Find My iPhone” enabled.

Way 4: Unlock iPhone without passcode or face ID with erase iPhone

How to unlock your iPhone without a computer if you’ve forgotten the iPhone passcode and don’t have a face ID? If you can’t sign in to your Apple ID on any other device, you can also unlock your iPhone by wiping passcode directly from the lock screen.

Step 1: Enter the wrong passcode several times in a row until the Erase iPhone button appears in the bottom right corner of your iPhone’s lock screen.


Step 2: Enter your Apple ID and passcode, and the passcode of the locked iPhone will be erased.

Pros: You can unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes or a computer.

Cons: This method only works if the iPhone is running iOS 15.2 or later.

Way 5: Unlock iPhone without passcode or face ID with Siri

You can bypass the screen passcode of a locked iPhone with Siri, but since this method cannot remove the iPhone’s lock screen passcode, you will need to repeat the operation to unlock the iPhone every time you want to access it.

Step 1: Press and hold the “Home” button to activate Siri.

Step 2: Voice control Siri to perform tasks such as “Open Calendar“; “Open Alarm“; “Open Logbook“, etc.

Step 3: When you enter the task execution page, you need to create a new task: for example, “Create a new schedule” in Calendar, and then click the “Share” button.

Step 4: Then, press the “Home” button to redirect to the home screen and your iPhone has been unlocked successfully.

Pros: You can unlock iPhone without additional software such as computer, iCloud, iTunes, etc.

Cons: This method only supports iPhone with iOS 11 or below and has a high failure rate.

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These are the five ways on how to unlock iPhone without passcode or face ID, among which, using a trusted professional iPhone unlock tool is the most effective, such as iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius. Finally ,i hope the above methods can help you to solve the iPhone locked problem.

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