What Are Your Video Strategies?

So you’re jumping into the video arena. First off, good for you. Seriously, anyone can be creative, but it takes something special to put that creativity to the test and actually unleash it onto the world – especially with the amount of competition that is currently out there. 

Thankfully, as the digital world has developed, so too have platforms like Youtube, TikTok and Instagram become content hubs for aspiring creators to test out their content and grow their audience. But just because you’ve got ways to release your content, that doesn’t mean the reaction will be exactly as you want it to be. 

As mentioned before, there is a lot of competition in the video-creator space. The very best of this competition have utilised these platforms with videos that are expertly crafted, growing their own audience whilst also acclimatising them to a certain quality of content. They have done this through proficient time, audio and visual considerations, as well as powerful editing software like hitfilm to put a finishing touch on the process. This is the quality that you have to compete with. And to compete with quality, you need strategies. 

Time And Length

First off, time and length. This is the most important factor when it comes to building your own audience. In the digital age, attention spans have dwindled with lightning-fast, easily accessible content. No matter how good your videos are, you’ll find that the majority of viewers will switch off after a certain amount of time. You’ve got an hour-long art piece on the fall of Rome? Great! The majority will switch off after five minutes.

It might feel harsh, but the reality is: time is everything, and people don’t want to waste it. If you place two televisions in an art gallery, one of which has a detailed, intricately edited video about Rousseau and the other has a five-minute video on the same subject. The majority are going to engage with the latter. Short, quick and concise. That is what viewers are looking for, and that is what you have to achieve with your own hitfilm. With this in mind, let’s look at the time frames you should be running with on social media:

  • TikTok – 60 seconds to 3 minutes.
  • Instagram – 1 minute to 10 minutes.
  • YouTube – 12 to 15 minutes.

In terms of your video strategy, you should start out with these time frames in mind. Of course, your video can be as long as you want, but the data shows that 59.9% of viewers won’t even click on a Youtube video surpassing 10 minutes, with the most dramatic drop-offs happening between 2 minutes and 3 minutes, and then 4 and 7 minutes. Keep your content concise, and you will find that you have more opportunities to engage viewers.

Audio And Visual Considerations

Audio is also very important – perhaps even more so than video quality. Whilst many viewers might be fine with sitting through a 1080p video rather than a 4K video, an indistinct audio quality will result in a high viewership drop-off. This is why stellar audio equipment is a must investment, with some great microphone sets coming in at a reasonable price of $100 to $200. 

As well as this, you need to focus on audio effects as well as VFX effects. This is best done through editing software which eases you through the journey of video editing and has a library of effects that can help to elevate the video itself. Talking of VFX, visual options should also be carefully considered.

You don’t want to give the viewer any reason to become disinterested in your videos, so try to couple your microphone with a highly dependable and quality camera. Something like the Blackmagic Pocket Camera is one of the best 4K cameras around, giving videos across the globe a glossy, Hollywood-esque look that can entrance a viewer as soon as they click on the video.

Editing Softwares

We mentioned editing software when considering audio and visual options, and it is important to mention them again if you are serious about standing out from the crowd. This is the crucial last step in video creation. Of course, you can go to the effort of strategizing your content, including time frames, and audio and visual considerations, but it will all come to nothing if you do not edit your video efficiently.

Video editing software like hitfilm – which is one of the most powerful right now – is there to help you trim and cut your videos while also offering colour correction, compositing, 3D visuals, audio tools and more. They are not too difficult to use, either. The best editing software guide you through the process and even have their own community sharing expert content and advice. 

Make sure you choose software which has a quality app for mobile devices too. This will help you maintain a consistency of quality when you’re on-the-go and away from the studio or office. Consistency is everything, after all, and you want to ensure that your viewers can always count on you to create an impressive video with a cinematic aesthetic every time you upload.

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