iMac Airpower Makes All the Cool Apple Accessories Get Charged in One Place

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Somehow I’ve missed the cool iMac Airpower concept created by Martin Hajek, so I thought it deserves some coverage. It’s all focused on the wireless charging provided by the base of the display bit. Also, the “display” is actually a whole big iMac Pro.

Its base can charge wirelessly mice, iPhones, Apple Watches and who knows what else. The keyboard looks badass here, with the clear OLED section with shortcuts and status indicators. Also, some of the indicators show how charged the devices are. Everything is glossy and minimalistic, the keyboard basically has zero bezels and the iMac itself is crazy slim.

Wireless is surely the way to go, with fast charging to boot, but I’m more fascinated by another concept. Apple patented at some point long range wireless charging, which even goes past one meter in distance, or even more. Imagine charging your phone from across the room, with a special frequency emitted by some sort of router. Now THAT is a concept I can get behind of.

However, I feel that more years will have to pass till it gets realized.

[via Martin Hajek]

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