HTC U12 Gets an Introduction Video Courtesy of Concept Creator

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Since even Samsung went the dual camera way, HTC may also go that route with their next flagship, or go even bigger. It’s also true they’ve been messing about with this format for years now, but they only had 3D cameras and depth sensors on previous devices. Now it’s time to go big, with the HTC U12.

Rendered by Concept Creator, this flagship stands out through the triple camera setup at the back, an approach that we’ve heard the Huawei P11 may inaugurate. Aside from having three optical sensors at the back, the HTC U12 also has two front cameras. It features a metal body, with a glass back and gets rid of the some of the curvatures on the HTC U11. It feels more sobre, more serious, more like the Xperias…

This handset’s 3 cameras go the following way: one is for wide angle and the other 2 is basically the pair of sensors working together. Both have 10 MP resolutions and every shot you take is a 20 MP one, because the two work in tandem and combine their captures into a single photo. Better low light is also promised here and better depth too. Both sensors have F/1.6 aperture and the wide angle one F/1.8.

The facade brings a narrow bezel screen, with curved corners and slightly rounded edges. We also get two massive speakers upfront, which would better beat the Xperias and other big shooters out there.

[via Concept Creator]

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