iOS Healthbook Gets Rendered in a Video

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Created by Jayaprasad Mohanan from India, the iOS Healthbook concept is shown in the images below as a mockup and also in the video published by ConceptsiPhone. Apple is rumored to showcase at WWDC 2014 something like Passbook, but for health. Basically, this will be an S Health rival that will store all your vitals.

ios 8 healthbook concept 5

Healthbook from iOS 8 will keep track of the physical activity you do, cholesterol levels, respiratory rate, heart rate, sleep and nutrition. You can sync stats, see trends of workouts and reach certain goals, plus create a personal card with all the data, in case you have an emergency and need to go to the hospital. The design of the app is in tune with other Apple products, being minimalistic and well organized.

ios 8 healthbook concept 6

The UI is shaped like the cards in Passbook and you can access color coded areas with each segment of your health. The nutrition area will show the calories used up in a single day, while the emergency area can also include a special contact to call in case you’re feeling ill. The important aspect here is what kind of devices will be able to provide the data to the Healthbook.

It’s either you input them manually or they’re received from the likes of scales, glucose meters, thermometer, heart rate sensors and such…

ios 8 healthbook concept 1

ios 8 healthbook concept 3

ios 8 healthbook concept 4

[via Jayaprasad Mohanan and ConceptsiPhone]

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