Nexus Play Console Rivals the Nvidia Shield, Features Curved Screen (Video)

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The Nvidia Shield has become really appealing, since its price went down to $199, but wait till Google decides to launch a proper console! They may just do that and debut their own gaming device, but till then we’ve got the Nexus Play concept below.


This is supposed to be a gaming and home entertainment device with an uniquely curved screen. The console was created by My Gadgetic and the video below shows it in detail. You can connect to a TV set or you can take your gaming on the go. The gadget has an accelerometer inside, it is able to stream stuff to the TV wirelessly and I’m betting there’s also a HDMI In there somewhere.

We see Modern Combat 4 and NOVA 3 looking fine on the screen, as well as Asphalt 8 and Trine 2. The design is very ergonomic and you can easily use this device as a joystick, but the controls are virtual here, so I’m not sure if your trigger happy hands will find that comfortable. Anyway, this has got to be the best looking Google console I’ve seen so far. Its UI is called the Curved Arc Touch Screen interface and inside it there’s Nvidia Tegra K1 or Snapdragon 805, according to the designer.





[via My Gadgetic]

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