iPad Pro 2 Concept Teases Ultra Narrow Bezel, Edge to Edge Display Device Also Appears

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In spite of the fact that every day there’s a new analyst saying that 2017 or 2018 will bring us a curved OLED iPhone or even a curved OLED iPad, I haven’t seen any designer put that into a render, till today. Going by the name of AppleiDesigner, this designer envisions two modern devices.


First, we’ve got the iPad Pro 2, with ultra narrow bezels and then a mystery device with a bezel-less display and rounded edges. It totally feels like a tablet, especially judging by the placement of the speakers compared to the Lightning port. It may or may not be the iPad Pro 2 again, although from this angle it feels like an edge to edge affair.


Now the main shot, the clear one reveals a pink, slim narrow bezel iPad Pro 2, with a design that keeps the familiar iPad format and obviously bumps up the RAM, CPU and maybe the battery. The camera may also be upgraded and the quad speakers are a must. Smart connector should also be here. What do you make of these?

[via AppleiDesigner]

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