iPad Pro X Envisioned by Martin Hajek, Hidden in March 27th Press Invite

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As you know probably, Apple has an event scheduled for March 27th, where they’re expected to unveil a new iPad and several other goodies. By dissecting the Apple press invite, designer Martin Hajek claims to have found a hidden message or Easter egg. It’s related to the shape of a potential tablet. And thus the iPad Pro X is born.

While leaks and rumors about about a cheaper $300 iPad with Apple Pencil support, we may in fact see a beefed up iPad Pro. Judging by the render here, it gets all the goodies of the iPhone X and some design traits. We see a similar notch and also a similar dual camera design. It’s also NOT the first time I’ve seen this approach on a tablet, since I’ve seen iPads with notches before.

Bezels are kept to a minimum and I guess the stainless steel body/frame is also up for borrowing. Also, since Samsung went with glass at the back of the Galaxy Tab S3, why not follow suit? Yes, a tablet is more likely to have its glass back cracked, but trying hurt nobody. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. My money is more on a cheaper iPad than a high end iPad Pro X…

Legit render though.

[via Martin Hajek]

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