iPad X is a Hybrid Between the iPad Pro and iPhone X, in Martin Hajek’s Vision

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A couple of days after the excellent iPhone X Plus, Martin Hajek is back with the iPad X. We’ve seen attempts at rendering an iPad with a notch before, but this one is a bit classier and doesn’t exactly go crazy with the bezels.

Also, the designer put some emphasis on the stylus this time. The core of the device remains the iPad Pro 12.9 incher, but this unit brings a much bigger diagonal in the same footprint, like the iPhone X does. There’s a notch at the top for TrueDepth action and Face ID. The Apple Pencil (X) is now more elegant, feeling like something out of a caligraphy course.

4 speakers are embedded into the top and bottom side and the frame seems to be made of stainless steel. I see that the camera protrudes quite a bit at the back, maybe too much for a tablet. Also having a dual camera on a slate? That’s odd and a bit overkill. I’m not sure if the device’s back side is covered with glass, of it’s all unibody metal, but for a tablet that’s more prone to dinging than a phone, I’d say metal is the way to go.

I’m struggling to cope with the idea of narrow bezels on a tablet, since you have to actually grab the machine with your palms and fingers and involuntary touches will happen. Imagine gaming and video playback, with the inevitable grabbing and holding. A beefier frame may aid with that. The level of details is amazing here so congrats Martin Hajek!

[via Martin Hajek]

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