Samsung Galaxy X Render Goes Nuts With Sliding Bits (Video)

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While a part of the media believes that the Samsung Galaxy X is going to be a foldable phone, others believe it will be a sort of evolved clamshell. Concept Creator seems to be part of the latter approach, as he delivers a Samsung Galaxy X concept that feels very much like a blackBerry.

I know that a slider in this day and age is weird, but let’s check out this version. First of all, narrow screen bezels are a given, the fingerprint scanner is embedded int the screen and the bulk of the facade and corners is taken from the predecessors (design-wise). The back part of the phone is able to slide up or down and the sliding part reveals the camera and speakers.

The idea is to get the front camera and speaker even though the facade is all glass and there’s no room for them. I love the discrete way the dual back camera is integrated, but Sammy will probably go with something more bombastic. One of the major reasons why this will never happen is the fact that sliding parts are components prone to breakage, so they’re always at risk of problems.

Samsung prefers to let that go and just make a beefier phone with the components inside. But the idea is nice and I would see TCL/BlackBerry taking it on. Nice music in the concept video by the way!

[via Concept Creator]

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