Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone Gets 3D Trailer (Video)

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Insiders say that Samsung already showcased its foldable phone behind closed doors at MWC 2017, making all the partners excited about it. Now it seems that more info has leaked, being used by designers to draw inspiration for concepts. Once such example is the Samsung Galaxy X, rendered by Techconfigurations below.

This is a foldable smartphone that can become a tablet with ease. The design is based on all the latest leaks regarding Samsung’s future flexible phone. This device is going to use two segments, attached via a hinge. It looks like a regular smartphone, only beefier, when folded. When unfolded, it doubles the screen estate and hides the hinge discretely , being used as a tablet.

The UI also adapts to this scenery. We get a dual front camera here for the selfie crazed, plus a main 12 MP camera with Full HD slow mo video. Made of glass and metal, the smartphone has a close to edge to edge approach even when unfolded. The corners of the panel are curved like on the LG G6. In smartphone mode we get a 5 inch screen, with an AMOLED panel, but when opened we are treated to a 4K 7 inch screen.

Stereo output is offered via the integrated speakers and the machine measures 7.5 mm when unfolded and a bit over 3 mm when folded, so that’s incredibly slim. I already imagine a few hours of battery life here, unless Samsung pulls off something crazy. By the way, the machine is also dust and waterproof.

[via techconfigurations]

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