This is What the iPad Could Look Like, If it Had Face ID

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Recent rumors from solid sources like Bloomberg have claimed that Apple is going to implement a Face ID mechanism on the 2018 iPads. We started searching for a render of what such a device would look like and the likely result is shown below.

It comes from the Macrumors forums and shows us an iPad with very narrow bezels, plus a notch at the top side of the facade. An OLED panel may also be in the mix, although Bloomberg denies that. The future iPad is said to adopt a 10.5 inch diagonal and the cutout at the top is obviously reserved for the Face ID mechanisms. The thing that doesn’t make sense is the fact that the iPad is a larger machine than the iPhone and surely you can find another spot for Face ID.

Also having a True Depth camera removes the need to have a a Touch ID sensor and a Home button, so there’s more room for screen. However, tablets aren’t like phones and they actually need bezels to be held properly for video watching, gaming or work. These are problematic aspects, that Apple will have to get around, probably by making the device’s frame bulk out, in order for you to have something to grab on to.

What do you think? Will this happen?

[via Tablet News/ Macrumors/ Bloomberg]

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