Sony Xperia X Ultra Has a Curved Display This Time

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There’s been a real avalanche of Sony Xperia concepts over the past week and here we are with one more. This time it’s the Sony Xperia X Ultra, with a curved display and very narrow bezels. Let’s see if it also innovates in other areas, not just screen.

The device is rendered by the folks of Gadgets Arena and the first thing I noticed here was the very large earpiece at the top side. The back camera protrudes a bit and I’m frankly surprised there’s no dual back camera. When the phone is shown from the back, you can see the curved screen side lighting up. I find the camera placement a bit odd, because I would have expected it to be higher in the corner.

Some of the renders make it seem that the Xperia X Ultra has a screen that goes all the way down the edges. The back side reflects the images around, so it’s probably covered with glass, or some sort of new fangled plastic material. It’s interesting to me that more companies prefer to just make narrow bezel screens, but also not curved edges. Samsung is basically one of the last companies still curving the sides.

Sony hasn’t done it and I doubt they will, to be honest. Still a good concept.


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