iPhone 100 has a Special Shock Absorbing Material (Video)

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While the idea of an iPhone 100 sure sounds like an iPhone that will be launched in the next century, the name is actually more random than that. In fact we’re dealing with the current gen iPhone, but made of a sci-fi material, that absorbs shock.

Nobody wants to buy a $1000 or more phone and lose it to a random drop on the floor. That’s how the device came to be. The creation of Gunho Lee exclusively for ConceptsiPhone, the device is supposed to survive any type of drop by simply absorbing the shock of impact. Once it senses that it’s free falling, the device morphs into a set of particles/molecules, that line up gently on the floor. Each of them is included within a domino-like mechanism, causing a chain reaction.

The physics of this may well belong in the game Portal and they don’t make much sense to me, but hey, it’s a concept, what do you expect? You want to know what the real fix for phone drops is? A CASE! Still a shock absorbing material would be nice… I’ve seen Sony reinforcing device corners, plus the top and bottom and Apple patenting a special sensor that feels the device is rotating in the air and moves around some small motors inside to make it fall flt and avoid screen damage.

But we’re a long way from that happening.

[via ConceptsiPhone]

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