iPhone 11 Full Edge to Edge Concept Phone is all Screen (Video)

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There’s been no shortage of iPhone 11 concepts lately, but one more can’t hurt, right? This time we’re being treated to the iPhone 11 full edge display concept. This device has been rendered and turned into a video by ConceptsiPhone and we have our first impressions below.

This iPhone 11 is basically all screen, with a display that continues on the sides and even replaces the volume buttons with a virtual slider. There’s no longer a bezel, a chin, a notch. Even the bottom and top part are screen pieces. The back camera feels like something out of the Huawei Honor 20 playbook, a vertical line of cameras.

On the sides you can also see various shortcuts on icons, not only virtual buttons. The quad camera setup films in 8K at 120 FPS and there’s also a hidden 13 MP camera within the screen for selfies. Inside we find the Apple A13 Bionic chipset, with the promise of being up to 8 times faster than the Apple A12 Bionic.

iOS 13 is obviously part of the package, with a dark mode. As usual, having so much glass upfront and on the sides makes the device more fragile. If the facade is usually protected, I wonder how they are going to protect the sides, top and bottom.

[via ConceptsiPhone/ Behance]

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