iPhone 11R is Definitely Happening, Here’s Its First Render By Hasan Kaymak (Video)

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I can’t be believe we’ve seen so many iPhone XI/ iPhone 11 concepts and renders, but no trace of iPhone 11R till now. Leave it to designer Hasan Kaymak to make up for that, by creating a lovely iPhone 11R, that appears in a bright red here and a few other vivid colors.

This time the device gets a dual camera setup, unlike the iPhone XR before it. It’s expected to come this fall, with the iPhone 11 series and it keeps the notch of the screen, plus the 6.1 inch diagonal probably. I see that the camera lenses have become huge, just like the ones from the iPhone 11 concepts seen lately.

The iPhone 11R also has rather large bezels and hopefully has switched from an LCD to an OLED display. I imagine that Apple would want to put a telephoto camera paired with the main one, or maybe a surprise ultra wide camera, if they’re into that. If things go like last year, we’ll have an Apple A13 CPU inside and 1 GB less RAM than the iPhone 11 models.

A selfie camera bump is totally required, if you ask me, for all the iPhone 11 units. The price is also going to be appealing, well, more appealing than the iPhone one… As far as the hues go, Product RED is a given, plus blue, yellow and perhaps a few other new colors, maybe even gradients.

[via Hasan Kaymak]

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