iPhone 11X Goes Nuts With 200 Hz Screen, 5000 mAh Battery, Quad Camera

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Apple seems to be lacking a monster device, going the predictable route of just launching an iPhone flagship, a bigger version and a cheaper version. They sure need the equivalent of a Galaxy Note or of a Pro model. This is where Hasan Kaymak comes in, with the iPhone 11X concept phone, pictured below.

This is a 6.4 inch 200 Hz display, that’s tailored for gaming. My guess is that it’s 200 Hz sampling rate, not actual refresh rate. There’s a huge 5000 mAh battery on board, but Apple isn’t quite as apt as ASUS in disguising a huge battery into a slim device, so it’ll be hard to not make this device a giant. This huge battery can be juiced up in just an hour, thanks to dual wireless chargers with 5A charging speed.

The battery is actually split into two cells, each 2500 mAh worth. The device is able to respond to calls with with voice messages recorded on the spot. The colorful Apple logo is back and the Polar White Edition of the device is envisioned to make the colorful Apple logo stand out. iPhone 11X is a dual SIM machine and has much narrower bezels than the predecessors.

We have an universal button here, a large one, for volume, Siri and Power. The square back camera is now expanded to 4 sensors, but I can’t quite see the LED flash. I love the build of the phone and especially the new and discrete Mute button. I love the combination of the old school logo and new school camera design and facade. Be sure to watch the Hasan Kaymak 4K video of the device below.

Excellent work and excellent level of details.

[via Hasan Kaymak]

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