iPhone 14 Concept Gets Crazy Slide Out Keyboard

The iPhone 14 has been in the rumors a ton after the iPhone 13 came out, but lately it’s been eclipsed by Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra leaks and concepts. This time it’s definitely worth our trouble, as an unusual version of the iPhone 14 appears, courtesy of ConceptsiPhone.

It has the flat back camera, sans camera island or protrusion and shocks when you see that there’s a slide out secondary screen used as a keyboard. The frame is made of a very shiny metal, most likely stainless steel and this time it’s curved not flat like on the iPhone 12 and 13. There’s no notch and the camera is hidden below the screen panel, revealing itself when needed.

There’s still a triple back camera here, with LiDAR sensor, so we don’t expect large upgrades from the iPhone 13 Pro and definitely there’s no periscope telephoto camera here. The screen is very curved, edges, sides and apparently lacks bezels, even a chin. I see that the Touch ID sensor is back, but integrated in the screen this time. It has Air Charge technology, able to charge up the phone wirelessly even from a few meters of distance.

You can also show extra functions and features on the secondary screen, like settings, app options, menus and more, but I’m not very sure it can be used as a full fledged screen panel. There’s an Apple A16 processor inside this iPhone 14 and new beautiful colors, shown in the clip below.

The video was designed by Pranav Nathe and Ran Avni Exclusively to ConceptsiPhone.

via ConceptsiPhone

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