iPhone 14 Concept Gets Rid of Camera Module in the S22 Ultra Fashion

There’s been no shortage of iPhone 14 concepts, we know that much and we even saw an iPhone 16 concept recently. However, today’s iPhone 14 Pro concept shows a sharp new design and also a camera module similar to the Galaxy S22 Ultra one.

And when I say “similar”, I actually mean there’s no camera module at the back side and the lenses “sprout” straight out of the device’s back side. We also notice the notch being gone and replaced by a pill shaped punch hole for the selfie camera and another small hole for the Face ID sensor. Then we see the flat frame with round buttons that pay tribute to the iPhone 4. This is a fan made concept, courtesy of The Hacker 34, but it does hold some truths.

At first sight, the camera lenses look a bit smaller than the huge ones on the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. There’s also an all new rose gold finish and a brand new 48 MP main camera sensor with F/1.5 aperture, Pixel Binning and Smart HDR 5, plus 8K 60 FPS ProRes capture. There’s also a 12 MP ultrawide sensor with Smart Macro and a 12 MP telephoto camera with 3X optical zoom.

The periscope cam has been saved for 2023. The new screen has even narrower bezels and it stays with a 6.1 inch or 6.7 inch diagonal. 120 Hz and LTPO tech are here, plus an Apple A16 processor. The whole design is pretty sharp and crisp and even includes a brand new status bar concept tailored for the punch holes. Learn more from the video below:

via the Hacker 34

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