iPhone 4S Mockup Is Probably One of the Last…

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There’s a certain feeling of satisfaction when you start to see the last concept iPhone units before the real launch. The next iPhone is coming on October 4th and till then we have a bunch of concepts and design to show you, starting to Enrico Penello’s iPhone 4S mockup.

He imagined a new Apple handset that makes up for all the errors and problems of the iPhone 4 and even offers a few extras. This model brings stuff like the textured plastic back, for enhanced grip, a removable battery (finally!) and a fixed lower cover for the wireless antenna. Of course, iOS 5 is the operating system and on board you’ll also find an 8 megapixel camera and a speedy Apple A5 processor.

Notice the black and sleek case that this iPhone 4S has and imagine it with iOS 5 and a bunch of new feats. Most of us want to see an entirely new iPhone, with a modified design, but sadly it seems that the iPhone 5/4S will actually be the last generation plus few tweaks here and there. Well, at least the dual core CPU is good news.

[via Yanko Design]