Nokia Essence is Simplistic and Yet Global

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Nokia Essence is a concept that doesn’t stray at all from the basic idea of the phone: connecting people globally via all the means possible. Created by Siriphong Roongruengvuthikul, this Nokia concept supports the management of the user’s connections in two fashions: locally and globally.

In the local range you’ll connect all your devices in a single network, either via pairing, Internet or both. Nokia Essence will provide a global connection joining two or more users in a single global network. As far as design goes, the handset is basic and simple, sporting a switch at each end, with the top one being used to turn on and off the local connection.

The bottom switch handles the global connection and sharing with others. This phone is about calling people and connecting to them and getting more into the hardware, we find that the shells can slide over and unveil the number dialing buttons, with the numeric pad being very comfortable. A nifty feat is that if you press and hold the number 5 key a menu will appear.

On the back there’s an original touchpad, that can be used to control many applications and even other wireless gadgets. Incredible? Yes! Futuristic Nokia? Not so much, since the Finns can pull this off even today.

[via designbuzz]