Motorola Razor Concept Would Make a Great Droid RAZR

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With the folks of Pocketnow recently uncovering proof that there’s a Motorola Droid RAZR out there, I can’t do anything but welcome back this ultraslim series of handsets from Moto. Thus, the concept below made by Deviantart member djeric looks more modern than ever.

This is a piece of work from 2009 so it’s all the more impressive. If a new RAZR would launch today, it would have to be about 7mm thick to make a difference, incorporate a beautiful design, maybe glossy, maybe matte, depending on what the current trend on the market is. I would also include a dual core 1.5GHz CPU on it and Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

To make a difference, I would create a RAZR UI especially for this unit, but one that doesn’t use elements from the not so lovely MOTOBLUR, that I didn’t like. All in all, this should be a fashion statement, even if a pricey one, but it wouldn’t matter much, since Moto is good at this glamour stuff, like they did with the AURA model… can they do a repeat?

[via deviantart]