iPhone 5 Gets 4.6 Inch Display, 4.3 Inch Edge to Edge Screen Version Also Created by Antonello Falcone

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The latest iPhone 5 concept comes from Italy, courtesy of Antonello Falcone, an iSpazio user. He’s an art director in Torino and he based his idea on a bigger display, with a 4.6 inch diagonal and a potential future version of iOS, iOS 5.1.

This iPhone design uses a curved glass display, that reduces the thickness of the device to 8.4mm. On the side we have aluminum frames and a change from the iPhone 4 is the lack of a physical home button, that’s been replaced with a soft touch area. There’s also a dashboard widget on board, that works with the Notification Center.

With a single swipe from bottom to top, you’ll see a panel of widgets, that will be grouped using a transparent dock. The panel will be customizable and in case you’re wondering why these pictures here are so different, the first image above is the final version of the concept, with a 4.3 inch display. Also the camera at the back has been changed, since it resembled the one on Nokia N9 too much.

[via ispazio]