iRoll Cellphone is A Flexible Device That Rolls Up to Save space

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Created by Sudhanwa Chavan, the iRoll cellphone concept follows the design of a scroll from hundreds of years ago. The result is a flexible phone, with a main piece that’s a bit bigger than a pen and an OLED screen that rolls out of it.

There’s also a camera on board and a flexible headset bundled with this handset. Making and receiving phone calls is easy with the flexible headset and the OLED touchscreen is retractable, so you can immediately fit the iRoll into your purse or bag. The main column changes colors to alert you about the battery status.

The camera I mentioned is capable of 360 degree capture, thanks to a ratchet mechanism. 3G support, Bluetooth and the ability to use an expandable memory stick are all features of the iRoll handset.

[via designbuzz]