iPhone 5 Asymmetrical Concept Finally Brings a Change

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Finally a different iPhone 5 concept! I’m sick and tired of seeing everyone creating the same edge to edge screen device over and over again, with an 8MP camera, with or without a Home button and a 4 inch display… Alexei Mikhailov is original and brings us an iPhone 5 with an asymmetrical design.

This model integrates the screen very discretely and replaces the volume buttons with a + and – key, while the Home button is still there, but it’s almost invisible. The back side looks very much like the one of the iPhone 4 but the main idea of this device is that it has a more rounded side and a straight side, much like some subway passes I have seen.

The camera seems to use a dual LED flash of sorts. Imagine an iPhone 4 with an edge cut by a precision knife… Pure metal and something original at last!

[via Behance]


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