iPhone 5 Design Uses a Touch Home Button With Switchable Features (Video)

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Shaik Imaduddin just sent me an iPhone 5 concept that features a tiny round touchscreen for a Home button. This function is used particularly for notifications, with phone, messages, email and more being shown in that area. Swiping up from the Home button will launch the associated application and this touch area will show the weather or time while in sleep mode.

As far as the new iPhone design is concerned, it looks like an average rectangle to me, maybe with rounded bottom and top edges, but I can’t tell that from the angle these renders were done. Also, the bezel seems pretty thin, which is always a step forward towards achieving that rumored edge to edge display that everyone was raving about in 2011. As far as the touch home button is concerned, it would really be an useful feature, especially if you added some luminous pattern to it, triggered by the music from the iPod app.

It could also show the Apple logo lighting up when the handset starts, just like some people had the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone glowing at startup through customization. with some extra messing around, you could also implement sort of viewfinder function for this secondary touchscreen, to work with the camera… so much stuff you can do with it!


[Thanks Shaik Imaduddin]