iPhone 5 Dual Core Edge to Edge Design Looks Hot

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And here’s yet another iPhone 5 design, this one based on the long time rumored edge to edge display. This time the screen feels as if it’s actually a piece of glass fit between two metal parts, because of the lack of side bezel. Also, looking at the phone from its profile reveals a sort of a mini display, as shown here. The concept was created by Sira Design.

This iPhone 5 concept features a dual core Apple A6 processor, a 9 megapixel iSight camera and iOS 6. iCloud is also in the mix and New Siri as well. The screen diagonal is 4 inches and we’ve got a bunch of new icons to work with. What’s interesting is that in the screen diagonal area it says “4.0 + 0.5”. Is that 0.5 actually the side screen I was talking about or is this a 4.5 inch iPhone? Anyway I love this design and it’s so simple and lacks any unnecessary complications.

Hopefully with so much glass used on it, there’s still room for a decent battery. I remind you that the iPhone 5 is rumored to launch this fall and we could see its OS, iOS 6.0 being previewed next month at WWDC 2012. Excited about that? On the Sira Design page it actually says that I was right and the sides of the device are actually smaller screens, so the device is even cooler!

[via Deviantart]