iPhone 5 Design Created by [FUSE]Chicken Has Quad Speakers

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We’ve seen our share of iPhone 5 concepts, with some recent models being really stunning, but here’s a fresh one, created by [FUSE]Chicken. This iPhone 5 vision involves an elongated Home button and a rectangular design, plus a 4 inch display, a widescreen one actually.

This iPhone 5 measures 7mm in thickness and has a 10 megapixel iSight camera at the back, plus a 5MP one at the front. The interesting aspect here is the inclusion of quad speakers for stereo in landscape and portrait. The headphone jack was also placed in a central position. I like the metallic edges of this model, but I’m not such a big fan of the volume buttons, that look like those on a toy phone, to be honest. The way the metal area around the device is slightly sloped makes it look like a precious item, a very nice feat.

On a side note, the metallic wire thing that props up the phone in some pictures is also very interesting and elegant. An iPhone like this would be a luxury item, that’s for sure, but will it appeal to real Apple fans? What do you say?

[via [FUSE]Chicken]