iPhone 5G Design Gets Slight Modifications, Courtesy of Antoine Brieux

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Remember the iPhone 5 concept from here? Well, the designer Antoine Brieux decided to make a few modifications on this device and the result is the iPhone 5G you can see below. We remind you that the original design featured a brand new 4 inch Retina Display.

The other features are pretty standard, according to the latest rumors about the iPhone 5: 8 megapixel camera with HD capture, LED notification panel at the front and Apple A5 dual core CPU. The iPhone 5 uses a single part casing that’s made out of magnesium, for a very lightweight device and also a very study one.

This new concept is available in many vivid colors and I can’t help but think about the Nokia N9 when I look at this design (in a good way). Square main segment and rounded edges might be the key to success…

[via NAK Design Studio]