iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner Home Button Innovation Detailed

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The folks of Rexplore.com have a fresh idea for the iPhone 5S. The idea of a fingerprint scanner integrated into the device’s Home button has been floating on the web for the past weeks and now this gets developed further.


Rexplore proposes a device that focuses on the idea of “less is more”. This iPhone 5S concept replaces the Home button with a camera that can act as a fingerprint scanner with software support. The innovation doesn’t stop here, since assigning different fingers to the main apps we use we can swipe the little finger for example for mails while the middle finger triggers Facebook.


The fingers will swipe over the camera even when the handset is locked. The back camera would also be used for the same purpose and allow us to scroll the page by swiping the finger up or down and this will also come in handy when reading the email. The concept iPhone 5S shortens the height of the iPhone from 123.83 mm to 108 mm and replaces the audio jack with earbuds that have a Lightning jack.


What do you think?

[via Rexplore]