iPhone 5S Render Involves a Quad Core Apple A7 CPU, 4.7 Inch Retina Display

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There’s a new iPhone concept in town, one designed by Deviantart user TheTechnoToast and shown below. This model brings OS virtualization and widgets, plus a totally different design compared to what you’re used to.


This is the iPhone 5S and the OS virtualization thing allows the iPhone to access a Macintosh you own or install the entire OS X platform. The iPhone can automatically optimize the OS for mobile thanks to this method. The Finder will be resizable and customizable and the iPhone 5S also brings homescreens and widgets, thousands of them actually.

Specs include a case made of anodized aluminum, a quad core Apple A7 processor at 1.8 GHz, 2 GB of RAM and a 4.7 inch Retina Display, showing 60 FPS at any time. As far as cameras go, the front one is 3 MP and the back one 14 megapixels. The device runs iOS 7.0 and the iPhone 5S speakers are on the top rear of the device, with the handset being similar to the iMac’s design. So, do you think this model is doable and if not, why?

[via Deviantart]