New iWatch Render by Tolga Tuncer is Fancy and Classy

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Designer Tolga Tuncer has a new vision of the Apple iWatch, as shown below. We’re dealing with a concept Apple watch, one that is able to communicate with the cloud and sync with the iPad, iPhone, iMac and MacBook easily.


The slim concept iWatch features a non touchscreen OLED display, plus a slim touchpad, an interesting idea if you ask me. Everyone is dreaming of a totally touchscreen-based watch and instead we get a slim touchpad with MP3 controls at the lower end of the body. The whole thing is 3.3 cm wide and includes several sections that are attached to a flexible bracelet body.

Powering up the device there’s a high performance solar cell and the touchpad is an aluminum one. Since we’re not dealing with a touchscreen watch, the unit is very slim and there are no smudges on the curved glass. Simplicity is something that Apple likes, but are they able to frustrate us of the much craved touch?

[via Yanko Design]